Technology and Student Gmail


Technology & Student Gmail Accounts

All Stoneridge students will be given a student Gmail account within the Roseville City School District email server.  This account can only send, receive and share items from students, teachers, and administrators who have email accounts.

Students can log into their drive account here:

Why a student Google account?  Google docs and email have a share feature for word processing, presentations, forms and spreadsheets that allow work to be edited online by several people at once.  The feature captures changes and comments on the project. Students will enhance their writing skills by receiving feedback from peers and teachers via Google. With this type of feedback, students will be able to develop a piece of writing further than what they may do on their own, and be able to better work in teams on a project or writing assignment.  Students can also share research and collaboratively build presentations to report back on their learning.

This is a privilege for students.  If either Google docs or email are not used responsibly, that student’s account will be disabled.  It is up to the teacher when they start using these tools, how often and what features they use. The expectation for all 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade teachers is that their classes know how to log on and share a Google doc by the end of the school year.

These skills are necessary for our students’ success in the future job markets, and working with our new Common Core Standards.  Our school, with the help of our PTC, recently purchased 35 computers for our computer lab. This lab will allow students to get more time with technology and it will also free up the laptops to be used in the classroom.  Stoneridge continues to be committed to helping our students grow in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).